Exam Fees : $120

Certified Foundation Level Software Tester

About Exam

Certified Foundation Level Software Tester is focused at individual associated with software testing. Roles for such people includes test Manager, tester, test analysis, test consultant, software developer and user acceptance tester. After acquiring this certification an individual will be able to go to a higher-level software testing qualification.
The certification will be a great help for working professional as it is one step ahead in your skill development and practical training in software development career.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 40
  • Max marks:40, Required marks: 26(i.e.65%).
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

In this opportunistic world, we all are busy in running after our work and there is stagnancy in our growth. So, to take a forward step as software Tester we need Certification in Certified Foundation Level Software Tester. This Certification encouraged you to grow and boost you career. This Certification will expand your Knowledge and skills across various industry sector and will sharpen your mastery and support you grow as an Software Tester.

Exam Fees

The exam fee of this certification is $120

Exam Code : CFLST

This is Foundation level course in Software Testing. If you are interested in building up your career in Software development then you must opt for Foundation level course. The working professionals who are already working as Testers can easily upgrade their skills and will be benefitted to work as managers in their existing fields. The certification helps to get both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of testing. If you are quality seeker and wants to upgrade your skills as a tester then this is the perfect choice for you.