Exam Fees : 250$

Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager

About Exam

The aim of this certification is that students will gain knowledge of managing data center operations from planning to monitoring and reporting. It breaks down the complexity of managing a mission-critical data center facility into manageable and systematic processes.
This certification is best suitable for the candidate who are already working in an IT sector, facilities or data center operations professional working in and around the data center (representing both end-customers and service provider/facilitators) and having responsibility to achieve and improve high availability and manageability of the data center operators.
If a Candidate does not pass the exam in the second (2nd) attempt, the candidate must wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of their attempt to retake the exam for third (3rd) time or any subsequent time. The exam can be taken any number of times.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice
  • 100 questions per paper
  • 70 out of 100 (70%)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Closed book.

How Does it Help

This certification help in developing the data centre facilities operations team, it explain how to manage and to motivate management team. It help in managing physical security taking into account requirements of standards such as ANSI/TIA-942 etc., it also help in manage safety & statutory requirements. It helps in improving the efficiently and effectively manage data centre operations and to manage documents.
This certification help in deciding the data centre limits, set-up and how to manage a proper capacity management plan. It also help in commission and decommission equipment, IT cable management and manage the day-to- day data centre operations. This certification will enhance your skills and take the level of the organization to the next level, which will build your reputation in an organization.

Exam Fees

  • The exam fee of this exam is 250$

Exam Code : CDCFOM

The Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager (CDFOM) which will enable candidate to gain in-depth knowledge in managing data centre operations which includes the following key subject matters such as: Capacity planning, latest green initiatives, how to properly commission and de-commission equipment, compliance to safety standards, statutory compliance and international standards, managing people, vendor management, handling incident as well as how to keep operations really simple, manageable, effective and efficient and much more.