Exam Fees : $150

Beingcert Scrum Professional

About Exam

Beingcert Scrum Professional (BSP) Certification is preferable for the candidate who wants to hike their knowledge and wants to achieve a milestone in Scrum. Beingcert Scrum Professionals inspired their team members to improvise Scrum and other Agile techniques. They have signified experience and knowledge in art of scrum.
It’s time to boost your career to the next level by earning the BSP certificate by passing the exam from Beingcert.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 80
  • Max marks:80, Required marks: 56(i.e.70%).
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

In a volatile economic environment, the Beingcert Scrum Professional certification boost you as a more highly developed and more professional in Scrum. This Certification encouraged you to grow as scrum alliance member. BSP teaches you about the scrum values, practices and application that furnish the professionalism. BSP is the level of certification that all practitioners of Scrum should try hard to accomplish it. This Certification will expand your Knowledge and skills across various industry sector and will sharpen your mastery and support you grow as an even better Agile practitioner.

Exam Fees

The exam fee of this certification is $150

Exam Code : BSP

In a global world requirements of IT industry keep on changing, growing and starting to flex its muscles. To achieve a good position in IT industry we need to cherish and build our skills. A Beingcert scrum professional certificate helps you to polish your knowledge and add better opportunities in the future. The Scrum practice has become popularized among various industries and there is an excessive requirement of Scrum Professionals in IT industries.