Privacy Policy

Being Cert guarantees the information depicted on the website is accurate. We have the right to change any information from time to time without prior notice. Our site is virus free; however damage may occur due to virus infection.

Any information shared by the clients and individuals will not be sold or exchanged with any third party without your consent. If you would want only then we share the information from the third party.

Being Cert will not indulge in any activity that damages the privacy of our clients. We collect information directly from our clients; we do not depend upon any third party to share information of our clients. We only share the information about new products or any feedback if our clients allow us to do so.

Our clients are free to contact us if they find the information that we are holding is incorrect or they want to change the personal information. Please send us mail at

Our website has links with other third parties and if visiting our site users click on those websites and shares the information, they will be responsible for the leakage of their personal information. You must read the terms and condition of these websites, we will not held responsible for third party practises.

When you book exams online we need your personal information such as your name, age email, address, telephone no, postal address, any other details relating to the examination for which you registered, Once you book your exam we give you a certain password which is very confidential sharing of the password will be a serious matter. We need your personal information to keep it in our records.

We also need your personal details to administer, assess and develop examinations. The information helps us to verify that no fraud has been involved in an examination. If we have the correct information we will be able to provide certificates and examination results in the candidate’s name With correct personal information we can easily provide information and respond to your questions.

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